Thursday, March 04, 2021

Extra Illustrations for my Short Stories

In case it's not clear, I do most of my own illustrations. Also, more recently, I've been getting more practice in digital art and posting most of the results on my Instagram. They include redraws of Final Fantasy monster sprites (up next is Ochu), and sketches and new illustrations based on my stories. For example:

Illustration for "Marisa at the Beach"

First is for "Marisa at the Beach," which revisits the girl and her robot sister from "No Different From Anyone Else," and introduces them to a mechanical triceratops.

And just today, for the release of "Blackout at Irene's," I went back and colored in the old illustration for "Pest Control."

And finally, a while back, I put together this drawing of Sonia and her baku Firecracker from my novel, Thresholds of the Grand Dream.

You can follow my Instagram for more artwork and occasional previews of whatever writing I'm working on, but don't forget to keep an eye on this space as well! Happy reading!

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