Saturday, April 17, 2021

New (Old) Story Now Available!

Allergic to Astroturf

Dara adores her new pet, a strange critter from outer space. But her friend Keli can't stand him, and starts claiming to be allergic to him. Will Dara have to choose between her friend and her alien?

This is actually an old story I've published before. I had it on Kindle for a while, then included it here on the website and in my collection, Unheard Of. I decided I needed something of a break this week--I've been preoccupied with drawing--so I decided to make it part of the Quick Fiction series as well. As such, I'm (possibly temporarily) taking it off this website, except for a preview.

And since it's already available in other venues via Smashwords, I sadly won't be able to do any giveaways for this one.

The cover is actually the same artwork as before, just recolored. And it actually went up on Amazon yesterday, but I wanted to change the background color before I started promoting it. Naturally I'll be adding the cover art to the gallery.

Thank you for reading!

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