Monday, April 26, 2021

Two Giveaways and a Discount

First off, I'm doing a Countdown Deal on my short story "Marisa at the Beach." It's only $0.99 now, then will increment up to $1.99 in a couple of days, before going back to its original price. So for less than the cost of a convenience store bottle of Coke, you can get an original short story about robots!

In addition, "The Fortuna Givers' Festival" and "This Wasn't Part of the Lease" are free today and tomorrow!

All three books are also available in short paperbacks, if that's more your taste. And if you get one of the free stories and want to show some support, you can order any of the other books in my Quick Fiction series, or come back here and click on the "Support Me" button in the corner!

Thank you for reading!

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