Friday, May 14, 2021

New Release: "Across the Street From What"

I was originally going to publish something else this week, but I was behind on the illustration, and this one happened to open up. It's a science fiction story called "Across the Street From What."

On a dare, Jack and Oscar sneak across the street to a house that's been under construction far too long, and with far too many scientists and guys in hazmat suits involved. Inside they find a structure twisted in on itself, with rooms and hallways leading where they couldn't possibly go. Can they find a way out while avoiding the mysterious man in the gas mask patrolling the site?

 You can order it on Amazon here. And of course, a paperback version should be ready later today!


I've also finally set up a fanart section. So far, I've got drawings of the monsters from the NES Final Fantasy, but more is to come.

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