Thursday, July 01, 2021

New Comic and New Kindle Release and New Non-Kindle Giveaway!

Item 1:

I just put a new comic up under "artwork": Threshold Break, revisiting Sonia, the main character from my novel, Thresholds of the Grand Dream. This time, it's about a crazy dream where a guy's being put on trial by the video game characters he's defeated over the years. Go check it out!

 Item 2:

Now that all three of the comics I've drawn are up and running, I've collected them and put them up for sale on Kindle as this week's entry into my Quick Fiction series. You can now purchase them together as "Collectors' Item." A paperback version is on its way—it just takes longer for Amazon to approve those.

Item 3:

Speaking of Thresholds of the Grand Dream, it's free throughout the whole month of July as part of Smashwords' Summer/Winter sale. So if you don't get what's going on in Threshold Break, you can go over to Smashwords, pick up an epub, and read where it all began.

Item 4:

Finally, this coming week's Kindle Giveaway will include Across the Street From What (7/1 - 7/2), The Souvenir (7/1 - 7/2), and Inappropriate Content (7/1).

Thanks for reading!

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