Friday, July 30, 2021

New Release: "Lost Media"

This week's new short story is a murder mystery called "Lost Media." The idea came from investigations and deep dives I've run across into real lost anime like Kamen Senshi Lavithunder vs possibly fake lost anime like Saki Sanobashi. Mixed in is a conspiracy involving a deadly cult out of 20th Century Boys.

I actually did the bulk of the work on the cover before I realized I'd drawn the book facing the wrong direction. Manga is printed in reverse from Western comics, after all. So I flipped the whole thing and adjusted the text. Looking back, I probably could have done the same thing with the text alone, but it's too late now!

Linda's brother is dead, murdered during a livestream for his fellow anime fans. Somehow his death seems to be related to the rare animation cel he recently purchased, the only tangible evidence anyone has found from a video long thought to be a hoax. But who pulled the trigger? Why do they want this anime forgotten?

Will Linda become their next target?

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