Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Short Story, "Meet Skippy the Sports Squirrel!" Now Available!

This is what happens when I watch one too many MST3k or Rifftrax shorts. I literally got the idea while watching the Rifftrax channel on Twitch, and seeing Ricky Raccoon talk about neighborhood safety in a way that explains the existence of helicopter parenting. Basically, the premise became, what if these educational mascots were real, what if they were proliferating, and what if they were just as dangerous as Mike, Kevin, and Bill's riffs made them sound. I even allude to some of the actual mascots that have appeared in real shorts.

Other aspects of the story came from thinking, "What else do I know that has mascots? Of course, magical girls!"

So here it is, "Meet Skippy the Sports Squirrel!"

It's time for a Painful Suffering Announcement!

As Mikey skulks home after a losing baseball game, he is accosted by Skippy, a talking squirrel that wants to teach him about good sportsmanship... or else. "Educational" mascots like Skippy have been terrorizing kids all over the continent, with dire--even fatal--consequences if they don't learn their lesson. Can Mikey escape in one piece? Will his friend Masha and her kitty hawk be able to help?

Wait, kitty hawk?!

Available now on Kindle!

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