Monday, August 09, 2021

The Return of an Old Story and a Couple Giveaways

This week's new release is actually an old release--one of my oldest, as a matter of fact! It's a rerelease of No Different From Anyone Else, as it appears in Unheard Of, with a new cover illustration based on an old one.

This makes the fourth appearance of Alice and Marisa on a cover in this series. We previously saw them on "Marisa at the Beach," Collectors' Item, and Word Associations. For years I've had this idea that I'd someday write enough stories about them that I could collect them in a single volume. That day could come someday.

"No Different From Anyone Else" is available on Amazon for $2.99! Here's the new cover: 

And the old illustration from 2010:

In addition, it's Monday, so it's time for a new giveaway. This time, it's the science fiction stories "Across the Street From What" and "The Souvenir." Today only!


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